Since the founding of Bastaslar Construction in 1969 and right up until present day, by working as a unified body with all of our staff, adhering to our aim of excellent customer satisfaction in our sector through sustained and continuous improvement, we have achieved an enviable reputation as a leader in our field.  As such, we consistently contribute towards raising awareness of best practice within our industry and develop a brand which will enrich and promote our country.

To meet the current and future requirements and expectations of our customers an increasingly competitive environment and to create a bright future for our company and those who depend upon us, we are using all of the resources available to us.  We are bringing all current systems up to modern standards, ensuring standardisation in all operations and achieving optimum productivity.

These practices have provided us with the ability to give back to our community through our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.  We allocate funds to enable us to become a role model for other companies within the sector and for the promotion of the values that we hold. We want to encourage children and young people to learn and develop in areas whether it be from culture to art, tourism to sport and in national and international fields. Many of our projects have a direct impact on our country or those who are engaged in its representation of our country both nationally and internationally.

In this gentle and supportive way, we can directly and positively affect the advancement and development of our beautiful country and its people.