Ahmet Baştaş

Dear Friends,
In 1969 Bastaslar Construction took our very first steps into the building and construction industry.  From these early steps into the business world, we transformed into a third generation, highly regarded construction and property development group earning an enviable reputation as one of the very best developers in North Cyprus.

We credit much of our achievement in our ability to join together dynamic and creative projects with a highly skilled, professional and dedicated team of people all keen to work to achieve our ultimate goals: to provide you our very best standard, quality and customer service.

We continue, through steady growth, to lead by example in quality, reputation and reliability in our sector.  We go on to implement our strategy of delivering our projects to time and to enrich both the sector and our country's economy.

With our progressively growing knowledge and experience and through our combined strengths, Bastaslar aims, together with you, our most valued friends, to reach for the sky!

Ahmet Baştaş
Chairman / Bastaslar Construction

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