Are you ready for your new life at Sun Valley?

Maybe you are looking to buy a high-quality property in Northern Cyprus with a guaranteed rental income? Established in 1969, Bastaslar Construction continues to lead our industry with an impeccable reputation in the construction, residential sales and management sectors in Northern Cyprus.


We recognise that every client is unique! With different needs and requirements, our aim is to forge a successful relationship with you based on trust and integrity. Buying a property abroad can be one of the most important decisions you make. We are committed to ensuring we provide you with the very best service, assistance, guidance and support along your journey. After all, we are not selling a home, we are selling a lifestyle.

We have analysed thoroughly together with the input of our clients: costs, location, property management, rental potential, buying and legal processes and taxes. This has enabled us to offer you a property that we believe will satisfy even the most discerning of clients.

Our track record of success and client satisfaction stems from our belief that service and customer satisfaction is all!


Sun Valley is a great place to live. See photos from the paradise. Sun Valley gallery...

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Come see what a great place Sun Valley is to live

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Sun Valley is a great place to live. See videos from the paradise. Sun Valley videos...

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Why Northern Cyprus ?, General Info, History, Nature, Climate

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