BAŞTAŞLAR is a unique construction and property development company specialising in building and civil engineering in the commercial and residential sectors.

Established in 1969, Baştaşlar continues to lead the sector with an impeccable reputation in construction (both residential and commercial) and management in Northern Cyprus.

Presently, Baştaşlar is undertaking the Sun Valley Project that consist of two sides which are Sun Valley Mountainside and Sun Valley Seaside which features beautiful Apartments, Penthouses, Luxury Villas and Townhouses.  Some of our other recent projects include the building of the Girne American University, The English School of Kyrenia and the current ongoing project of the Girne American University Hospital. A total of 20,000 meters of construction was completed by Baştaşlar in the last year alone.

The construction business in Northern Cyprus is now one of the leading industries in the country. As a result of this growth in the sector, developers and construction companies have found that the competition has been very intense with hundreds of units coming onto the market each year. As a result, the construction industry has been forced to examine itself and found it necessary to look outside their industry for professional marketing and sales skills.

For many years, BASTASLAR, has worked with experts in their chosen field, such as architects, civil engineers, major online marketing companies, lawyers, customer service representatives, sales consultants, IT managers and software developers to produce a team of highly successful, dedicated, experienced and highly motivated individuals to drive our business forward.

We constantly strive to provide the very best service and aim to continue to improve upon it.

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