Baştaşlar develops everything from residential to commercial property and has the necessary experience to the whole process, from the idea stage to management. The main focus is to not only deliver a project but a whole community belonging to each project.

When a new project development starts, it is important that the whole vision and plan include work that gives the natural and necessary addition to the area where it will be built. Meaning, every project has to develop neighborhoods that provide value to the whole community. Baştaşlar always looks at the local conditions before they start a new project and they then create projects which add value for the entire local area and not only for those living, renting, studying, work or visit the premises.

In the last couple of years, Baştaşlar has also focused (majorly on) building an international market as the demand for coastline quality properties has grown. With this customer base in mind, lots of the projects are now being developed with the mindset of a European. With this idea, Baştaşlar has become very successful in the last couple of years and will therefore remain its focus on building projects for those who have an international mindset.

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