Baştaşlar works in close cooperation with companies who complete their services. With the idea of not having everything in-house, but cooperating with experts in their fields, Baştaşlar is always open to collaborating with new partners.

Many construction companies choose to do everything themselves, but Baştaşlar has the experience to understand that if they become the best in their field and work together with the best in their sectors towards the same goals, the projects can be even more successful. Achieving success together is way more satisfying than doing it on your own.

After being in the business for over 50 years, and still having a strong relationship with many of the companies from the very start, shows how trustworthy Baştaşlar also is as a company. Being close to its partners and clients has always been the ambition and historically proven to be a successful approach.

Therefore, Baştaşlar is still working strongly with creating closeness, understanding, and a sense of security in the relationship and the projects. With the belief that everyone can reach their individual company goals together, being on the same path, has also proven to be more cost-efficient, better, and more operationally optimized product.

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