• Welcome to Baştaşlar!
    Smart and sustainable building. We are an innovative construction group with a strong desire to create and belong
    to something new. For our customers, the society and next generation.

Baştaşlar Construction consists of many people of different origins, ages, and experiences. Even so, there is one thing that ties us all together, and that is the desire to belong to something new. Even though we are in a tradition-focused industry, we are a company doing our best to try to come up with new ideas, be innovative, different, and a step ahead of the competition in our industry.


Collaboration & partnering

Baştaşlar works in close cooperation with companies who complete their services. With the idea of not having everything in house, but to cooperate with experts in their fields, Baştaşlar is always open to collaborate with new partners.


Baştaşlar builds all kinds of buildings, everything from community properties, commercial properties and housing and has done so for over 50 years. With operations throughout North Cyprus, Baştaşlar has become well-known for its quality products on the market and there is a high demand on Baştaşlar products.


Any infrastructure work can be done by Baştaşlar which could be both national and regional and carried out for either the public or the private sector. The work can vary in size, type, form of procurement and complexity which requires efficient and adaptable processes, something Baştaşlar has experience of and can easily adapt to.

Project development

Baştaşlar develop everything from residential to commercial property and has the necessary experience to the whole process, from the idea stage to management. The main focus is to not only deliver a project, but a whole community belonging to each project.

New home

Anyone dreaming of a new home, can now stop dreaming and start taking action. Baştaşlar is building individual homes, as residential homes, to private individuals from anywhere in the world. With a base of clients from over 50 countries, Baştaşlar is very confident that they know what their clients want in terms of style and quality.

New premises

Baştaşlar has a few vacant premises in existing properties and in future planned projects that are available for rent and some even for sale. This could be anything from offices, industial permises, warehouses and garages to shops, beauty salons, SPA and restaurants.

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