• Engineering & Architecture
    Static projects with static calculations and drawings, in which the carrier system that allows
    the buildings to stand, is one of the first services that come to mind when it comes to engineering services.
  • Construction Management
    Managing prestigious superstructure construction projects, especially housing and office,
    with an engineering approach from the land development stage to the commissioning stage.
  • Investment Advice
    We provide rental and purchasing services on your behalf.
    We provide consultancy to our customers on many issues, from zoning to incentives, from law to tax legislation.
  • Rental Management
    We offer property owners a reliable partnership with a team of knowledgeable professionals,
    so you can relax knowing that we will take care of your property like you.

Established in 1969, and specialising in building and civil engineering, we continue to lead with an impeccable reputation in the construction, residential, commercial and management sectors of North Cyprus.



We carefully examine portfolios that will suit your tastes and budget in locations suitable for your work, school, lifestyle.


We prepare market / region analysis and the property's appraisal value to accurately and accurately determine the true value of the property you are interested in.


By adding your real estate to the portfolio of our company, we provide real estate value analysis with our professional team, and provide rental and sale in the light of the demands from our customers.


We provide consultancy services that will be with you in the whole process from research to the delivery of the title deed with our team, who has full knowledge of real estate legislation.


We provide consultancy support in all matters that our investors need, from legal processes, sector analysis, financial support to market conditions.


We are at your side after the transaction with all kinds of support, from interior decoration to invoice follow-up, from house cleaning to tax payments, from tenant follow-up to advocacy services.

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