• Welcome to Baştaşlar!
    Smart and sustainable building. We are an innovative construction group with a strong desire to create and belong
    to something new. For our customers, the society and next generation.

Established in 1969, and specialising in building and civil engineering, we continue to lead with an impeccable reputation in the construction, residential, commercial and management sectors of North Cyprus.


Collaboration & partnering

How we work successfully towards the same goal and create successful projects together with our partners and customers.


Whether we are building a school, office or housing, Baştaşlar is involved in creating the right conditions for a sustainable society.


With a focus on national and regional infrastructure projects, constructions are carried out for both public and private customers.

Project development

We develop everything from residential, commercial properties and sports facilities with broad experience of complex projects.

New home

There are many reasons to buy a new home, but it starts with new ways of thinking. We develop newly produced homes.

New premises

We create good conditions for existing and new tenants and together we create social benefits for the area.

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